Distance Learning Workshop - Expert Part 2

Distance Learning Workshop - Expert Part 2


After you successfully complete all of the eLearning courses you will put your newly acquired knowledge to use by completing a series of lab assignments for Part 1 and 2. To complete those lab assignments, you will also be given access to your private Distance Learning Workshop. These lab assignments form a final exam for the certification program. While completing these assignments, you need to perform a number of tasks, using the cloud based Fiery Virtual environment.

The Part 2 lab assignments include:

  • Paper stock management with Fiery Paper Catalog
  • Automate offline finishing with Duplo finishers
  • Enhance image quality of pictures with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor
  • Configure Fiery JDF settings with the Fiery Integration Manager

Each assignment will also require you to save a PDF file to a specific folder on the desktop that coincides with the lesson that you are currently accessing. These files will then be viewed by a member of our staff here at EFI, and once verified and you have completed all of the eLearning courses, you will be awarded your Fiery Expert Certification status.

You will have access to your Fiery Virtual Environment for 30 days with 12-hours of online access after you access the environment. Only when you are logged into the environment, is time counted against your 12-hour allotment or you may download the content from the resources section of this page and use your own Fiery.


If you choose to use your own Fiery server, please submit your work here