2020 Fiery® Professional Certification

2020 Fiery® Professional Certification


Welcome to the 2020 Fiery Professional Certification Program!


Welcome to the 2020 Fiery Professional Certification


The courses and learning components in this certifications will give you the necessary skills to optimize the performance of EFI technology solutions. Developed by EFI subject-matter experts, they provide the latest information on Fiery technology to develop your skills, enhance professional development and transform your print business.

  • This certification course consists of the following elements:
    • 11 courses
    • 7 Simulated Software Assessments

You have 90 days to complete the certification program and gain your certification.  If you do not complete the certification within this period, you may incur a $100 extension fee.

  • If you are already Fiery Professional Certified, look for the e-learning components without the tick box.  You will need to complete these in order to stay current for 2020.


  • Once you have successfully completed all the e-learning components on your list, you will receive an email (Subject line: 2020 Fiery Professional Certification Award from Address: non-reply@efi.com.)  This email will have your certificate, eSignature logo, badge information, and other pertinent certification information.
  • If you cannot find this email, be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder. 

Got any questions? please send us an email at learning@efi.com


10 hours


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The training is priced from $ 250.00 USD per participant