3D eLearning

3D eLearning


Welcome to the Optitex 3D eLearning Program!


Welcome to the Optitex 3D eLearning Program!


The courses and videos in this program will give you the necessary skills to optimize the performance of EFI technology solutions. Developed by EFI subject-matter experts, they provide the latest information on Optitex 3D to develop your skills, enhance professional development and leverage yourself in this transforming industry.

  • These courses consists of the following elements:
    • Downloadable pattern files per module (if applicable)
    • A short 2-10 minute video
    • 1-4 questions knowledge check after each video


  • Once you have successfully completed each e-learning course, you will receive a "Proof of Completion" which you can find your My Learning Account. You will only receive a POC when you complete all the modules in a course at a pass rate.


Got any questions? please send us an email at optitexcertification@efi.com


3 hours


Optitex 3D Introduction helps you get started with 3D. Review of all the necessary windows needed for 3D and where to find them all.
Model Morphing and Import will take you through how to Load an Optitex model, how to import an object from another system and how to adjust the Optitex morphable models.
3D Basics will take you through the beginning steps of creating a 3D sample. Review all the 2D preparations needed, how to place cloth pieces in the 3D window and move them around, and how to stitch the pattern together.
Advanced 3D will explore areas like fabric and stitch parameters. Learn how to improve your 3D simulation by using layers, adding shrinkage and adjusting resolution.
The Drape and Fit course will take you through how to adjust your 3D to get a closer 3D fit by adjusting piece placement and changing Simulation Properties.
The Stitches and Buttons and course goes through all the steps needed to add details like top stitching, buttons, and zippers and how to rotate and move them if necessary.
Shaders will go through all the windows needed and the steps to take to apply artwork and colors to the cloth, stitches and rigid parts.
In the Rendering and Photos course you will learn how to add finishing touches to your 3D, the photo realistic options available and how to publish or generate images of your style.


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The training is priced from $ 500.00 USD per participant