Color 205: Standard ICC media profiling (from Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7.1 Expert Certification)

Color 205: Standard ICC media profiling


1 minute


After building an accurate calibration file for your system, your next step is to build an equally accurate ICC media profile and properly configure the black generation settings. Learn how to perform these tasks in this course.
Learn how to configure the setup options needed to build an ICC media profile and how to select the proper target to print.
Learn how to print and measure your selected profile target.
Learn how to configure the basic ICC profile settings.
Learn how and when to modify the ICC profile black generation controls.
Congratulations! You now have all of the information that you need in order to create the highest quality profile possible for you to use with your standard calibration file, including how to correctly set the often-confusing black generation settings. Again, we recommend that you begin your profile creation journey by using default settings and then experiment to see which settings you wish to use to improve the accuracy and quality of your printed jobs. This completes this course.