Color 208: Profile optimization (from Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7.1 Expert Certification)

Color 208: Profile optimization


1 minute


This course will teach you the procedures you need to perform in order to complete both the profile optimization and the recalibration process.
Learn about the optimization feature and understand the value that it provides to the printing process
Understand the difference between re-calibration and optimization and when to use each process
Learn how to begin the optimization process and which target to print
Learn how to print and measure your optimization target
Learn how to evaluate your optimization results
Learn how to save and use your optimization file
Learn how to re-calibrate your system to improve color consistency
Congratulations! You now have a basic understanding of the value of the Fiery profile optimization feature and the re-calibration feature and know when and how to use each of these tools to improve the color accuracy of your printed jobs. The proper use of these tools will help ensure that your equipment produces consistent, high-quality results, keeps your customers happy, and your business profitable. This completes this eLearning course.