Color 209: Verify options (from Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7.1 Expert Certification)

Color 209: Verify options


1 minute


In this course you will explore the features that the Verifier option offers you.
Learn how to modify the default system control bar options for an individual job
Learn how to perform verification of an individual job
Learn how to use the optimization feature on an individual job to improve its color accuracy
Learn how to utilize the exclusive DynamicWedge to verify the accuracy of individual job colors and job spot colors
Congratulations! You now have a thorough understanding of how to specify and configure any control bars that you wish to add to your jobs, use the Verifier option to verify the color accuracy of your jobs, and optimize the results, if needed, to improve job color accuracy. You can use this procedure to ensure that each job produced conforms to the appropriate industry or shop specification, whether monitoring the spot colors or process colors contained within your jobs. This completes this eLearning course.