eLearning (from Sales Rep Learning Path)



1 minute


Learn how to master Fiery Command WorkStation, the centralized user interface for Fiery servers.
Learn how to work with spot colors and achieve accuracy even from desktop applications.
Learn how to manage spot color libraries and incorporate custom spot colors.
Learn how to perform media calibration to reproduce color accurately with Fiery Color Profiler Suite.
Learn how to impose jobs and create booklets.
Learn how to impose business cards.
Learn how to impose calendars.
Learn how to manage different media stocks and streamline the production of mixed media jobs.
Learn how to use the built-in Fiery Fiery FreeForm to implement variable data printing.
Learn how to troubleshoot PDF workflows to process and print complex PDF files successfully.
Learn how to prepare files that require advanced composition and variable data printing.
Learn how to automate job preparation steps to produce ready-to-print files with the fewest clicks.
Learn how to to load balance large jobs using multiple digital printers with Fiery Central.