Fiery 102 v3: Maintaining Fiery Server

Fiery 102 v3: Maintaining Fiery Server


In this course you will learn how to review the Initial Setup of your Fiery server and check if the Fiery has been optimized for the environment. You will also learn how to configure the Fiery System update settings, enable automatic updates as well as learn how to perform this update manually.


This course takes you through the process of performing Fiery system updates and the steps that needs to be followed to automate and track installation of Fiery server update patches. The course also explains how Fiery Software Manager helps in keeping the Fiery system up to date with the latest releases. Further the course lists the step needed to backup and restore data on the Fiery server and view new features and locate Fiery updates using Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6. Finally, the course covers Fiery Health Monitor which is used to track and maintain the Fiery server in good condition.


1 hour


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