Fiery 103 v2: Fiery Server Software Licensing

Fiery 103 v2: Fiery Server Software Licensing


In this course, you will learn how to activate Fiery server options. The course will take you through the various options, the different activation process and methods both with and without Internet access directly from the Fiery server.


It is important to understand the steps for the different methods to activate Fiery servers option. The course discusses the different activation methods for different Fiery server options and how Fiery server activation problems can happen. Also, the course will discuss the role of Command Workstation in activation and license management of Fiery server.


18 minutes


Introduction to Fiery Server Software Licensing
Examining Fiery Server Options management access and identifying available options
Process of Fiery Client Software Options Activation and Licensing
Learn how Client Software Options of Command WorkStation such as Impose and JobMaster differ in activation and license management.
Summary to Fiery Server Software Licensing


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