Fiery Basics: What is Fiery

Fiery Basics: What is Fiery


In this eLearning course, you will learn the basics of Fiery digital print servers, its value in print environments, and the foundational elements of Fiery.


When you talk about Fiery servers, the very first question that you may have is ‘What is Fiery’. You also may want to know about the different components of Fiery servers and the benefits of using them. In this eLearning course, you will learn the basics of Fiery servers and understand the various components of Fiery servers that help you manage and execute print jobs with the highest efficiency. Additionally, the course will cover the foundational elements of Fiery servers and also discuss the four areas where Fiery innovation is centred.


20 minutes


Basic introduction of the course
Learn the basic definition of Fiery servers
Learn about the role of Fiery Command WorkStation
Learn about the different foundational elements of Fiery.
Explains the different areas of innovation in Fiery.
Learn the functions and features of different Fiery Workflow suite software products.


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