Grading eLearning

Grading eLearning


Learn how to use EFI Optitex software to grade your pattern


Welcome to the Optitex Grading eLearning Program!


The courses and videos in this program will give you the necessary skills to optimize the performance of EFI technology solutions. Developed by EFI subject-matter experts, they provide the latest information on Optitex 3D to develop your skills, enhance professional development and leverage yourself in this transforming industry.

  • These courses consists of the following elements:
    • Downloadable pattern files per module (if applicable)
    • A short 2-10 minute video
    • 1-4 questions knowledge check after each video


  • Once you have successfully completed each e-learning course, you will receive a "Proof of Completion" which you can find your My Learning Account. You will only receive a POC when you complete all the modules in a course at a pass rate.


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2.7 hours


Optitex offers all the tools needed to apply, modify or just view grading. In this course, you will explore different ways to apply grading to a pattern or just check the specs by learning the all about the Sizes Table and the Grading window and understand how they work together to create a graded nest.
Use tools in the grading table to edit and grade your pattern. Here we will learn how to grade by angle, copy, edit, grade multiple points, grade notches, and stack points.
This course will demonstrate how to check a graded nest for ease, incorrect grading of points, and balance throughout your sizes. Here we will use the compare length table, measurement tool, walk grading, and stacking points.
Learn how to grade a sleeve, collar, and buttons with the use of Optitex grading tools. Here we will discover how to grade proportionally, stack points, and copy and paste grading from other pieces to achieve a properly graded pattern.
Learn how to grade by variation, setup a grade rule library, and make/ break a nest. Advanced grading will demonstrate how to use Optitex PDS to speed up the grading process.


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The training is priced from $ 500.00 USD per participant