How-to guides (from Graphic Designer Learning Path)

How-to guides


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Create an automated workflow for the production of gangup imposition layouts for a media size using Fiery Impose and Fiery Hot Folders.
Automate the rotation for pages in long documents to ensure all pages have the orientation originally specified with Fiery Impose
Configure a virtual printer, a job preset or a Fiery Hot Folder to set job ticket specifications, and assign imposition properties in order to automate any type of job submission process you adopt.
Use the ES-2000 spectrophotometer to capture colors from your business card and reproduce them accurately in your color documents.
connect Fiery Command WorkStation to a Fiery server
Store attributes of the media stock and make it easy to associate paper
Utilize Fiery FreeForm technology to enable variable data printing.
produce professional-looking, finished print materials
Production of personalized postcards
Booklet imposition in Fiery Impose