How-to guides (from Fiery JobMaster™)

How-to guides


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Quickly produce imposed and uniquely numbered tickets by inserting a custom incremental ticket numbering and a barcode sequence at the makeready stage.
Quickly create multi-part forms
Create tab automatically
Fiery JobMaster Chapter and Bookmarks Actions feature converts a page to a tab sheet or inserts a tab sheet, by Chapters or Bookmark level, places them in the right location, and populates the tab ear content automatically by using up to 6 levels of bookmark links from PDF documents.
Print in black and white during the makeready stage
Use Fiery Compose or Fiery JobMaster to apply different finishing options to multiple chapters within a document.
Produce well defined sections in a long document without using tab media.
Merging scanned pages with existing electronic documents saves time and the expense of recreating the document in the original application. Learn how to scan or import pre-scanned pages with JobMaster, perform image cleanup and image editing functions to effortlessly achieve a more polished look of the final output.
Advanced document makeready
Produce a job with two different sets of tabs to better differentiate chapters from subchapters in a book.
Accelerate job preparation
Create unique numbering sequences for multiple page sections
Quickly insert a custom incremental ticket numbering sequence