How-to guides (from Press/Printer Operator Learning Path)

How-to guides


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Automate the rotation for pages in long documents to ensure all pages have the orientation originally specified with Fiery Impose
Create an automated workflow for the production of gangup imposition layouts for a media size using Fiery Impose and Fiery Hot Folders.
Use Fiery Compose or Fiery JobMaster to apply different finishing options to multiple chapters within a document.
Produce booklets using saddle stitch imposition schemes
Calibrate your Fiery Driven print engine to achieve consistent color documents. This How-to guide describes the calibration method using the ES-2000 spectrophotometer.
Improve the output quality of digital photos with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor and save prepress time by eliminating lengthy image editing and file manipulation tasks, to make photos look their best.
connect Fiery Command WorkStation to a Fiery server
Produce great color quality documents with the standard state-of-the-art Fiery color reproduction capabilities
Store attributes of the media stock and make it easy to associate paper
Utilize Fiery FreeForm technology to enable variable data printing.
Production of personalized postcards
Preflight, Postflight and ImageViewer are features included in the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition. Preflight evaluates print jobs for potential printing errors.