Job 102: Layout options (from Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7.1 Professional Certification)

Job 102: Layout options


1 minute


In this course, you will learn how to modify your files to take advantage of step-and-repeat and tiling features
Generate multiple copies of a job file and create seamless repetition of pattern designs using the step and repeat.
Saving valuable media by combining images into a single print job using the nesting feature
Setting the glue flap and overlap options in a tiling job.
Using the tiling preview feature and understand how to create an assembly guide.
Creating and modify a manual nesting job, used to save media
Learn how to clone jobs in a nest in order to print additional versions
In this module you will understand the use of job tickets when creating footers on individual jobs
Learn about the various types of available crop and cut marks and how to select them
Setting and adjusting the various types of available grommet marks