Overview 102: Command WorkStation overview (from Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7.0 Professional Certification)

Overview 102: Command WorkStation overview


Fiery® Command Workstation® is the industry leading digital front end (DFE) that is the heart and soul of your Fiery proServer or Fiery XF system. Fiery Command WorkStation is the single most important tool for administrators and operators to master. Command WorkStation is the gateway to Fiery features, configuration, and job management. In this course you will explore the Command Workstation interface and get a glimpse into the power and control that you have at your fingertips.


57 minutes


Fiery Command Workstation, Server Manager, Job Editor and Verifier basics.
Basics of the Fiery® Command WorkStation® interface in Fiery® XF 7.
Server Manager interface and how it is used to configure global settings and system maintenance tasks.
Using Server Manager to add and configure your printers.
How the Server Manager allows you to add and configure users.
Explore the functionality of the Job Editor.
Calibration, handling spot colors, and verifying the accuracy of your prints.