Fiery Central

Fiery Central integrates multiple Fiery Driven™ digital printers, and other select printers, into a unified print production system that uses common prepress tools and communicates with business management systems.


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FIERY-830 Fiery Central workflows

Fiery Central offers optional job imposition and composition with late-stage makeready features for complex document manufacturing needs. In this course, you will learn about Fiery Central printer group structures, and how Fiery Command WorkStation interacts with Fiery Central to load balance large jobs using multiple digital printers. ...
Course Duration: 25 minutes

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Fiery® Central

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Learn how to install, configure and use your Fiery Central server.
Learn how to to load balance large jobs using multiple digital printers with Fiery Central.
Create a printer group containing multiple devices
Back up and restore printer groups on Fiery Central.
Install and configure your Fiery Central server software.