Fiery Compose

Fiery Compose provides sophisticated document composition tools and a visual user interface to speed up composition, accurately perform complex assembly functions and improved page-level settings review.


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Fiery-410 Digital media workflows

Professionally produced documents today often include multiple media types. Learn how to use tools in Fiery Driven printers, like paper catalogs, to efficiently and effectively manage your media stocks. You will learn how to simplify the production of documents containing more than one media type.
Course Duration: 30 minutes

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Fiery Compose

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Learn how to manage different media stocks and streamline the production of mixed media jobs.
Learn how to assemble and print complex documents.
This express video demonstrates how Fiery makeready solutions display the color of media for a visual confirmation of the media selection. This requires Fiery Command WorkStation 6.
Express Video on Fiery Impose and Fiery Compose
Use Fiery Compose or Fiery JobMaster to apply different finishing options to multiple chapters within a document.
Print in black and white during the makeready stage
60 minutes webinar about how to leverage Enfocus PitStop Edit