Fiery Hot Folders & Virtual Printer

Fiery Hot Folders provide a drag-and-drop operation that can be shared with other users on the network. Virtual Printers work in environments using print drivers for printing.


Featured Course

Fiery-220 Creating automated workflows

Looking for ways to increase your efficiency and output production while reducing errors? Creating standardized printing workflows is a problem faced by many businesses from office to production print environments. This course will provide users and administrators the tools and skills to automate steps in your printing workflows.
Course Duration: 40 minutes

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Fiery Hot Folders and Virtual Printer

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Learn how to automate the job preparation steps in your print workflows.
Configure a virtual printer, a job preset or a Fiery Hot Folder to set job ticket specifications, and assign imposition properties in order to automate any type of job submission process you adopt.
connect Fiery Command WorkStation to a Fiery server
57 minutes webinar about working efficiency in automating job submission
65 minutes webinar about Fiery graphic arts tools
60 minutes webinar about Fiery Command WorkStation.