Fiery Spot-On™

Fiery Spot-On is used to manage specific spot color libraries such as PANTONE®, HKS, TOYO and DIC to provide precise brand color matching. It can also be used to create and edit custom spot colors. A graphical user interface helps to zero-in on the CMYK toner equivalents needed to create or edit a desired spot color on a given printer


Featured Course

Fiery-320 Creating spot colors

In today’s business environment, corporate branding is a critical component in communications. Accurate corporate brand identity includes specific spot colors. Fiery Driven printers with Fiery Spot colors bring this level of accuracy to digital CMYK printing. This course will expose you to some of the challenges in working with spot colors from desktop applications and you will gain the knowledge necessary to achieve these colors with your Fiery Driven™ Printer.
Course Duration: 30 minutes

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Fiery Spot-On™

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Learn how to work with spot colors and achieve accuracy even from desktop applications.
Learn how to manage spot color libraries and incorporate custom spot colors.
Express video about spot colors
Express Video on spot colors
Use the ES-2000 spectrophotometer to capture colors from your business card and reproduce them accurately in your color documents.
60 minutes webinar about spot color matching
65 minutes webinar about Fiery graphic arts tools
63 minutes webinar about spot color matching