Fiery Variable Data Printing Solutions

Fiery technology delivers powerful, industry-leading variable data capabilities that easily fit into any workflow. Whether you're a VDP novice or veteran, the flexibility and scalability of Fiery VDP technology allows you to easily produce customized marketing campaigns that expand your portfolio and revenue stream.


Featured Course

Fiery-400 Booklet making and imposition

Printing today is more than just producing individual pages. Incorporating sophisticated layout and imposition helps you produce engaging results. This introductory course on imposition will teach about common imposition issues and how Fiery imposition solutions can overcome these issues to produce professional results.
Course Duration: 30 minutes

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Fiery Variable Data Printing Solutions

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Learn how to impose jobs and create booklets.
Learn about the different variable data printing formats and functionality.
Learn how to use the built-in Fiery Fiery FreeForm to implement variable data printing.
Learn how to prepare files that require advanced composition and variable data printing.
Production of personalized postcards
Utilize Fiery FreeForm technology to enable variable data printing.
Produce impactful one-to-one booklets to promote products