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Fiery-400 Booklet making and imposition

Printing today is more than just producing individual pages. Incorporating sophisticated layout and imposition helps you produce engaging results. This introductory course on imposition will teach about common imposition issues and how Fiery imposition solutions can overcome these issues to produce professional results.
Course Duration: 30 minutes

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In this course explore each part of Command WorkStation to give you the in-depth knowledge you’ll need to allow you to organize, prepare, prioritize and adjust print jobs.
Learn how to master Fiery Command WorkStation, the centralized user interface for Fiery servers.
Learn how to use Fiery Command WorkStation to submit and manage jobs most effectively.
In this module, you will be introduced to the eLearning color and consistency course.
In this module, you will learn to explain the difference between color consistency and color accuracy.
In this module, you will learn which environmental factors must be controlled in order to produce accurate output.
In this module, you will learn how to properly set your Fiery Calibrator preferences.
After completing this module, you will be able to successfully calibrate your Fiery system and produce consistent color output.
Upon completion of this module, you will be able to explain the function of ICC media profiles in your Fiery system.
Upon completion of this module, you will be able to develop and implement a process to ensure that you can attain your needed level of color consistency and color accuracy.
Course Summary
Learn how to impose jobs and create booklets.
Learn how to manage different media stocks and streamline the production of mixed media jobs.
Learn how to assemble and print complex documents.
Learn about the different variable data printing formats and functionality.
Learn how to prepare files that require advanced composition and variable data printing.
Learn how to change key job settings without opening the job properties in Fiery Command WorkStation 6 using the Job Summary pane. This requires Fiery Command WorkStation 6.
Learn how to use flexible tools to prioritize jobs, plan print production, and have more visibility and control of job management. This requires Fiery Command WorkStation 6.
Learn how Fiery Impose Best fit for gangup repeat automates imposition settings in seconds.
Learn how to use the Job Properties Color tab to efficiently define color settings in Fiery Command WorkStation 6. This requires Fiery Command WorkStation 6.
Express video about filtered-view tabs
Express video about Fiery VUE Commercial
Express video about Fiery VUE Overview
Express video about Fiery VUE Product demonstration
Create an automated workflow for the production of gangup imposition layouts for a media size using Fiery Impose and Fiery Hot Folders.
Configure a virtual printer, a job preset or a Fiery Hot Folder to set job ticket specifications, and assign imposition properties in order to automate any type of job submission process you adopt.
Calibrate your Fiery Driven print engine to achieve consistent color documents. This How-to guide describes the calibration method using the ES-2000 spectrophotometer.
Improve the output quality of digital photos with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor and save prepress time by eliminating lengthy image editing and file manipulation tasks, to make photos look their best.
connect Fiery Command WorkStation to a Fiery server
Submit and merge JPEG files from the same folder and automate job settings like imposition to create a photo booklet in a few clicks.
Utilize Fiery FreeForm technology to enable variable data printing.
Production of personalized postcards
Produce booklets using saddle stitch imposition schemes
Prepare and automate the production of business cards using Fiery Impose.
Automate the process of printing pads
The Best Fit for Gangup Repeat feature in Fiery Impose helps you set up jobs like business cards, postcards, tickets...

The improved user interface presents all the color settings in one location for faster setup without having to open additional windows. This requires Fiery Command WorkStation 6.
also available in German, Chinese, Spanish.

Job error reports are a feature in Fiery© Command WorkStation designed for aiding communication with technical support.
You will practice creating customized tabs filter views in Fiery Command WorkStation.
57 minutes webinar about working efficiency in automating job submission
60 minutes webinar about Fiery Command WorkStation.