Pattern Maker

“Give me any pattern and I can balance it."

 Has pattern knowledge and understands both garment construction and specs. Creates and modifies patterns to meet design and fit specifications.


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Pattern Maker

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See how to save your self time if you loose your file and need to rely on the automatic backup.
A quick reference for the short cut and hot keys in PDS.
See how you can view all of your grading stacked while walking
Learn how to use the Swap Piece Properties tool to take information from one piece and swap it with another.
Learn how to use the grading tool "Set Grading" to quickly grade your pattern.
Did you know that PDS is saving a backup file for you?
Learn how to change your profile settings.
Did you know you can use guidelines for cutting? Find out how.
How to copy a line or segment from one piece to another.
See how you can ensure you have your notches aligned correctly.
Learn what track lines are and how you can use them for pattern corrections.
How do I close a dart in Optitex? Read the did you know and find out!
Learn how to add a hole inside your pattern.
Learn how to measure a specific part of your pattern.
Learn how to save the placement of your 2D pieces in your working area.
Learn how to snap points together in Optitex PDS.