Product Developer

“I eat, breathe and dream development.”

Has garment and construction knowledge.


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Product Developer

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See how you can view all of your grading stacked while walking
Learn about how to use guideline do be more efficient in PDS.
Learn about how to use transparency when Photo Realistic Rendering is turned on.
Learn how to use the Pin Manipulator tool in the Optitex 3D Model Window.
This will show you all of the fabrics that are in the O19 default library.
See how you can work with paired pieces and only place the logo or graphic on one of the sides.
See how you can control the placement of graphics or logos in 3D from a set point like HPS or CF.
See how to save your self time if you loose your file and need to rely on the automatic backup.
A quick reference for the short cut and hot keys in PDS.
Did you know that PDS is saving a backup file for you?
See how you can ensure you have your notches aligned correctly.
Did you know you can use guidelines for cutting? Find out how.
Did you know you can join 2 pieces in PDS?
Learn how to save the placement of your 2D pieces in your working area.
Learn what track lines are and how you can use them for pattern corrections.
Learn how to add a hole inside your pattern.