Introduction to Fiery Paper Catalog - Introduction



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In this course you will learn how to utilize the paper catalog on your Fiery server and how the paper catalog is important element in an automated digital print workflow


Welcome to the e-learning course Introduction to Fiery Paper Catalog. In this course you will learn about different media types and how they are commonly used in digital printing. You will also learn about advanced media use. In advanced digital printing workflows, print jobs are more complex with different paper sizes and stocks used in a single document. We will take a look at how paper catalogs work on today’s print engines and the Fiery server. You will explore how Mixed Media Support in the Fiery Driver allows users to specify different media types for each chapter or section in a print job. In this module you will earn how to integrate mixed media and the Fiery paper catalog through the Fiery Driver You will learn how to assign media to your document using Fiery Compose or JobMaster and the Fiery Paper Catalog. And finally, you will learn how to work with paper catalogs in Fiery Hot Folders and Virtual Printers to automate and reduce repetitive tasks.