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In today’s fast-changing world, you need a convenient and affordable way to gain new skills and credentials quickly—so you can do more, be more, and take your career to the next level. Be a step ahead of the others. Our certification programs will help you stand out in your workplace or your business.

Certification Programs

The Fiery Expert Certification

The Fiery Expert Certification builds on the Fiery Professional Certification to develop more in-depth expertise. The expert courses help students master the advanced Fiery toolsets and learn to use the full range of features.

Why get ‘Expert’ certified?

Demonstrate mastery

Acquire the skills necessary for an advanced understanding of Fiery toolsets and the full range of features.

Get recognized

Receive direct access to Fiery Technical Support. Offer new services to your customers and increase business profitability.

Validate your competency

Be acknowledged as a Fiery Expert with the highest level of in-depth knowledge and advanced proficiency.

Your path to becoming an expert.


$750 USD.


Must be Fiery Professional Certified.


Complete online learnings within 90 days at your own pace with access anytime, anywhere.


Complete our Distance Learning workshop using our Virtual Fiery technology

Get certified

Pass all the knowledge Assessments with a score of 80% or higher.


Pass the annual e-learnings to be considered “current”. All annual renewal are FREE of charge, as long as you are “current”.

Be recognized as a Fiery Certified Expert.


Receive a Fiery Certified Expert certificate with a unique certification number.


Have direct access to Fiery Technical Support.

Badge & Shirt

Order your Fiery Certified Expert badge and shirt.

Digital Logo

Obtain a Fiery Certified Expert digital logo to include on your email signature and business cards.


  • Fiery-600 Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition
  • Fiery-610 PDF workflows
  • Fiery-620 JDF workflows
  • Fiery-700 Advanced imposition and VDP
  • Fiery-800 Fiery JobMaster
  • Fiery-900 Advanced color profiling
  • Distance Learning Workshop

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Mandatory Prerequisite: Fiery Professional Certification

You have 90 days after enrollment to complete the certification program and gain your certification.  If you do not complete the certifcation within this period, you may incur an extension fee.
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