2022 Fiery® for Display Graphics ILT pre-requisites (Expert Certification)

2022 Fiery® for Display Graphics ILT pre-requisites (Expert Certification)

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Learn about the powerful tools available in your Fiery system used to ensure color accuracy.
Learn how to address color management or spot color issues you may encounter when printing files.
This course will show you how to build these files for EFI Wide Format printers and for many of the non-EFI brand printers that your system supports.
After building an accurate calibration file for your system, your next step is to build an equally accurate ICC media profile. In this updated course you will discover how to create the highest quality profile possible for you to use with your standard calibration file.
In this course you will learn how to utilize all of the Fiery spot color tools to ensure that spot colors are reproduced as accurately as possible.
In this course, you will learn how to incorporate cut marks into your job workflow, how to ensure that files containing cut paths are properly processed, how to work with the Fiery Cut Server option or with other cutting software packages and learn how cut paths need to be defined within your jobs, and how to add custom cut path names to your Fiery system.