2022 Fiery® Technician Certification

2022 Fiery® Technician Certification

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The Fiery Technician Certification provides Service Technicians with the tools and skills required to optimize performance and properly maintain Fiery technology solutions.

It benefits Fiery users that have some technical expertise with Fiery Servers.

Why get certified?

The training is partially web-based, which gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and plan your learning activities around your schedule. And access coursework anytime, anywhere. You will track your progress through test-as-you-learn and the Instructor-Led training will go deeper into the topics that you have learnt. This culminates in a knowledge assessment to validate your new knowledge and skills.

Developed by EFI™ subject-matter experts, Fiery Technician Certification provides the information to develop employee skills and enhance professional development.


Hands on

Tailored response

Reduce downtime

Premium Support

Earn recognition

Practical training from Expert Fiery Technical Specialist

Ability to open a case directly with EFI Tech Support via EFI Communities or email.

Improve your technical proficiency to automate troubleshooting and prevent unintentional errors and resource waste

Improve your technical proficiency to automate troubleshooting and prevent unintentional errors and resource waste.

Access to exclusive EFI Communities Certified Technician Group

Complete the Fiery Technician Certification program to validate your knowledge and increase your value in your organization



In this course, you will be exposed to the different methods and Fiery tools available to configure your new Fiery server.
In this course you will learn how to review the Initial Setup of your Fiery server and check if the Fiery has been optimized for the environment. You will also learn how to configure the Fiery System update settings, enable automatic updates as well as learn how to perform this update manually.
Introduction to Fiery Server Options and Client Software Options Licensing
In this course you will learn how to connect to your Fiery server using the Fiery Driver. You will also learn how to install and remove the Fiery Driver on Windows and Mac clients.
Learn how to master Fiery Command WorkStation, the centralized user interface for Fiery servers. In this course explore each part of Command WorkStation to give you the in-depth knowledge you'll need to allow you to organize, prepare, prioritize and adjust print jobs.
In this eLearning course, you will learn about the fundamental characteristics of the files that you create that impact the quality of your final printed jobs.
Learn about all the support resources available for Technicians
Learn about security and network features implemented on Fiery servers. These features are provided to protect the customer data while at rest or in transit.
In this course, you will learn about different applications in EFI IQ suite and how you can use them to view and analyze the performance of various printer in your printshop and how to navigate through these applications to view your near real-time production data remotely.

After successful completion of your Fiery Technician Certification online courses, you are required to attend an Instructor-Led Training session.