Fiery 602: Fiery ColorRight Package

Fiery 602: Fiery ColorRight Package

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Learn how to get your color right. With the Fiery ColorRight Package for Fiery FS400 and newer embedded servers, you can be confident that the colou and images in your output will print correctly every time. You can easily correct color and images without going back to the designer.


In this program, you will explore all of the tools included in the Fiery ColorRight Package, tools that will give you the confidence that the color and images in your jobs will print correctly every time.
In this course you will explore the Fiery ImageViewer interface as well as all of the tools that the application makes available to you to help eliminate wasted time and materials by seeing beforehand, exactly what your printed jobs will look like.
In this course you will explore the new spot color handling features and capabilities of Fiery Spot Pro and learn how to use these features to ensure that spot colors are reproduced as accurately as possible.

Express Video - Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor is an easy to use application used to adjust the color and other characteristics of images contained within a job, streamlining image correction in the workflow

Express Video - The Fiery Postflight feature provides you with the ability to produce a number of reports intended to aid in the troubleshooting of color printing problems in your jobs.

Express Video - Custom control bars created in Fiery Control Bar Builder provide you with a tool that allows you to improve the tracking of jobs as well as enabling a tool for process control.

Fiery ColorRight Package - eLearning Program Summary