Press/Print operator

Press/Print operator

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Learn how to master Fiery Command WorkStation, the centralized user interface for Fiery servers. In this course explore each part of Command WorkStation to give you the in-depth knowledge you?ll need to allow you to organize, prepare, prioritize and adjust print jobs.
Learn how to use Fiery Command WorkStation to submit and manage jobs most effectively.
Using your Fiery Driven™ printer to produce customer jobs, you need to be able to reproduce the same color quality across jobs printed over time and you also need to accurately reproduce the color output across multiple stocks. How do you use the tools available on your Fiery system to achieve these goals?
Learn how to impose jobs and create booklets.
In this course you will learn how to utilize the paper catalog on your Fiery server and how the paper catalog is important element in an automated digital print workflow
In this course you will learn how to assemble documents using mixed media, the paper catalog and the advanced document assembly capabilities of Fiery Compose or JobMaster.
In this course you will learn some of the basic principles and terminology used in variable data printing.
Learn how to prepare files that require advanced composition and variable data printing.