ShipExpress Administrator Tutorials

ShipExpress Administrator Tutorials

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The video tutorials in this series equip administrators to perform shipment management tasks in the ShipExpress module integrated with MarketDirect StoreFront


Ship Express Administration Videos Include:

  • SE-01 ShipExpress How to Change Admin Password: 1:13
  • SE-02 ShipExpress How to Add Company Profile 2:29
  • SE-03 ShipExpress File Clean Up: 1:17
  • SE-04 ShipExpress PS Log Viewer: 1:20
  • SE-05 ShipExpress Add Edit Delete a User: 2:28
  • SE-06 ShipExpress How to See Login History: 1:45
  • SE-07 ShipExpress Batch File Processing: 3:37
  • SE-08 ShipExpress How to Create a BOL Report: 1:52
  • SE-09 ShipExpress How to Add Box Types: 2:01
  • SE-10 ShipExpress Customizations 5:09
  • SE-11 ShipExpress How to Add Dimensions for Dimensional Shipping: 1:29
  • SE-12 ShipExpress How to Setup and Edit Doc Tabs: 1:59
  • SE-13 ShipExpress How to Setup Shipping Email Notifications: 2:49
  • SE-14 ShipExpress Handling Charges: 3:02
  • SE-15 ShipExpress Mapping for International: 2:04
  • SE-16 ShipExpress Organizational Mapping: 1:53
  • SE-17 ShipExpress How to Create a Packing List: 2:33
  • SE-18 ShipExpress How to Edit Your Plant Details: 1:49
  • SE-19 ShipExpress Rate Key Setup for Rate Shopping: 2:52
  • SE-20 ShipExpress Ship Via Code Setup and Manage: 5:23
  • SE-21 ShipExpress How to Create an LTL Carrier: 2:26
  • SE-22 ShipExpress LTL Additional Setup: 4:47