EFI-Fogra Digital Print Expert Recert Training Optimized for Your Team

EFI-Fogra Digital Print Expert Recert Training Optimized for Your Team

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Very good event, high information value.

- Medianetics GmbH

This was a good class. It gave valuable information and resources to save me time troubleshooting in the field.

- Canon Solutions America

Being new to EFi and Fiery this class was very informative and a great starting place for me. The instructors were very clear, concise, and thorough.

- Fisher's Technology

Very informative. Enjoyed the class.

- Pacific Office Automation, Inc.

great class

- Ubeo

Great! Doug is the best instructor ever! :)


Great class and passed my exam straight after

- Canon (UK) Ltd.

it was great! leatned a lot

- Ray Morgan Company